Providing essential equipment and services to the key sectors of energy, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, Xebec is currently continuing its manufacturing operations in Blainville. The services offered by its industrial division make it a leading supplier of various types of equipment essential to the operation of these critical organizations. Since the beginning of the crisis, Xebec has been following all measures recommended by the government and public health to ensure the safety and health of its employees.

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February, 2021

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Xebec is dedicated to transitioning our world to a low-carbon future by accelerating the production of renewable gases.


We provide end-to-end systems for gas purification and the production of renewable gases such as renewable natural gas (RNG) and renewable hydrogen (RH2).

  • This is the segment driving our recent revenue and backlog growth
  • Our systems are called biogas upgrading plants (trademarked BGX™). They upgrade biogas to high purity RNG
  • We also have hydrogen purification system (trademarked H2X™).


We provide industrial dryers for compressed air and natural gas as well as local service, support, spare parts and remote monitoring across our customer base for recurring revenue.

  • This is the source of recurring revenue – O&M contracts and parts
  • Accretive acquisitions for continuing recurring revenues
  • Local service and support is a key competitive advantage
  • $30-$35M revenue projected for 2020


Build, own, and operate mid market energy infrastructure assets to produce renewable gases in Canada and U.S.A.

  • Finance and own mid-market renewable gas projects
  • Sell the gas directly to utilities through offtake agreements
  • First project announced in 2020
  • Investment fund setup with Fonds de solidarité FTQ to invest in 12-15 projects

Discover the renewable gas opportunity

Our world is shifting toward renewable energy

Climate change is the biggest problem we face, and it’s one we really have to solve. The path forward is a no-carbon future. With that realization, governments and private sectors around the world are taking action. This has led to significant opportunities through the development of renewable energies like wind and solar and biomass. Billions of dollars of investment are being poured into the industry and Xebec is well-positioned to play a key role.

In the early days of development

Gas utilities are the biggest driver of renewable gases

Electricity utilities are successfully shifting to renewable solar and wind energy. Gas utilities recognize that they will face declines in demand for their services and see an acceleration towards electrification of their customer base if they don’t move to RNG. So they are starting to lobby governments and policy makers to support a shift toward no-carbon renewable gases with appropriate legislation and regulation.

(as of 08/10/20)

Gas installations globally

Invested in proprietary technology

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