Corporate Governance

Board structure

Xebec’s Board of Directors is composed of six directors, four of which are independent, i.e. having no direct or indirect relationship with the Company that could reasonably be expected to interfere with the exercise of independent judgment. Because the Board is Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and President, an independent Lead Director has been appointed.

By the very nature of its business activities, the issues of climate change and energy policy are specifically addressed by the Board of Directors, as they pertain to the strategicbusiness opportunities the Company is seeking to capture. Other sustainability-related issues may be addressed on an ad hoc basis, and the Board is keen to receive more systematic and granular information on the Company’s material issues through a more formal reporting process, of which this report is the first step. However, no director or Board committee currently has explicit sustainability or ESG oversight.

Audit Committee Governance Committee Compensation Committee Merger & Acquisition Committee
Kurt Sorschak Chair of the BoardCEO and President of Xebec Chair
William Beckett* Lead Director Chair Chair
Peter Bowie Board Director
Joseph H. Petrowski* Board Director
Prabhu Rao Board Director COO of Xebec Inc.
Guy Saint-Jacques* Board Director Chair
Brian Levitt Board Advisor
Sara Elford Board Director


  • Statement of General Principles and Code of Ethics 

  • Whistleblower Policy 

  • Corporate Disclosure and Stock Trading Policy 

  • Compensation Policy 

Board charters

  • Audit Committee Charter (Appendix A of MIC) 

Investor Distribution List

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